(206) 286-0500 Cancer Coach / Patient Advocate / Health Consultant / Community Educator

Cancer Patient Advocate Services


Cancer Patient Navigation

As your cancer patient advocate, we will perform:

  • Identification of current standard-of-care treatment protocols 
  • Treatment planning & care team coordination
  • Guidance in patient hospitalization & treatment safety
  • Medication interaction review
  • Treatment and drug trial research 
  • Financial / billing guidance and drug company assistance programs 
  • Palliative care coordination 

Cancer Patient Nutrition

Our cancer patient nutrition services consist of the following:

  • Food therapy to enhance treatment
  • Treatment side-effect mitigation
  • Immune system support
  • Rebuilding of health
  • Food preparation & storage guidance
  • Post treatment challenges and dietary changes

Cancer Patient Emotional Support

Part of our job as your health consultant is to provide:

  • Resilience education and coaching
  • Therapeutic diet counseling and support
  • Health and wellness guidance for cancer prevention