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Sheri Hendricks, Cancer Coach and Patient Advocate

Sheri Hendricks

Sheri Hendricks has spent the bulk of her professional career helping people, organizations and communities create positive change. It was after being diagnosed and treated for a genetically-based neurological cancer that Sheri made the decision to focus her considerable research skills, coaching talents and advocating capabilities on the community that she now identifies with so strongly – as a patient advocate supporting those living with cancer. 

Sheri is now devoted to helping each one of her clients find the best possible cancer treatments available which are uniquely suited to them. She also works with many of her clients on the road back to health through both her health consultant practice and as a supportive cancer coach.

Praise from Colleagues

"Sheri Hendricks is a remarkable coach with a wonderful ability to be alongside people wherever they are. She is highly skilled and insightful, and I'd strongly recommend her to anyone seeking coaching support in facing the experience of living with cancer."

Chris Johnstone Founder of the Centre for Resilience, Happiness, and Positive Change UK http://www.resiliencehappinesschange.com

 “When you’re setting out on a new and uncertain road, having an understanding companion who’s walked it before is a priceless gift. Spend an hour with Sheri and you’ll know that not only does she know firsthand what you’re going through, but that she has the spirit to support and encourage you as you find your footing and discover new direction and meaning in your life.”

Susan Minarik, Darlington, PA http://www.positive-living-now.com http://www.highonhappiness.com/

"A brilliant and empathetic cancer coach and patient advocate, Sheri Hendricks, works closely with cancer patients to help them move forward with life as it is now."

Niki Barr Author of Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer http://canceremotionalwellbeing.com/