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Welcome to Your Coach 4 Cancer

Welcome to Your Coach 4 CancerWelcome to Your Coach 4 Cancer

Cancer Patient advocacy. Cancer Health Consultant. Cancer Coaching.

What We Do

Everyone who has been told ‘its cancer’ knows the fear and the uncertainty that comes with such a diagnosis. Most, do not enter the maze of cancer completely knowledgeable about what choices they have or how to choose the best treatment course. None are ready for the emotional upheaval a cancer diagnosis will bring into their life and the lives of those closest to them.

Unfortunately, doctors are no longer able to spend the time necessary with each new patient to shepherd patients and their caretakers’ safely through treatments while easing treatment side-effects. Overworked oncology nurses try to bridge the widening care gaps between doctors and patients.  Even at world-class cancer hospitals, patients often fall through the cracks when struggling with treatment complications and follow-up care.  

The new field of patient advocacy has formed to provide patients and their caregivers the support, expertise, and coordinated care needed in today’s healthcare system. Patients often do not want to be a burden to medical professionals by asking questions or requesting much needed help. The patient advocate is the ally for the patient, keenly focused on what the patient wants for herself and bridging the knowledge divide between needed medical care and patient safety.  

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Cancer Coaching / Patient Advocacy 

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Medical Disclosure

The information, instruction or advice given by Your Coach 4 Cancer (Sheri Hendricks) is not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.

As a client, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.