51 year old, stage 3 prostate cancer patient

Sheri Hendricks has been our mentor, guide, coach and friend as we have navigated through aggressive prostate cancer the past three years.

Because Sheri has ‘been there, done that, doing that’ she has a unique perspective and knowledge base. When combined with her sharp skills as a researcher, she quickly became, hands down, our best resource. Sheri provided us with invaluable information and sound advice when finding doctors, selecting therapies, designing specialized diets and choosing hospitals,

She is a fount of information when it comes to the latest cancer treatments and discoveries. She provides a valuable flow of articles, research, shared experiences and encouragement.Knowledge is power. Sheri gives us that. With her help, we are able to ask better questions at our appointments, which in turn gives us more control in decisions regarding life and health. That has been her greatest gift to us, because as you well know, or will know, the feeling of control is in short supply when you are diagnosed with cancer.

We strongly endorse and recommend Sheri Hendricks to people in similar situations that can benefit by her outstanding resources and tremendous talents. Sheri performs a central role on our team. We count ourselves as very fortunate to be in her embrace.