Daughter of a stage 4, 62 year old, colon cancer patient now in complete remission

I’m not sure what prompted me to seek out a cancer coach after my mom’s cancer returned in three places, but I knew that she was devastated and hopeless, and I was overwhelmed.  Enter Sheri Hendricks, cancer coach and patient advocate extraordinaire.

Navigating the murky waters of our healthcare system when you have cancer or love someone with cancer can be daunting, but from my first conversation with Sheri I knew we were in good hands. Her soothing voice and knowledge of the healthcare system was reassuring, and I was relieved to have her in our corner.

After hitting roadblocks locally, she arranged appointments for my mom at the Mayo Clinic. I had no idea cancer was treated so different regionally, but Sheri knew otherwise. The Mayo Clinic successfully treated her cancer, and I am so grateful that Sheri steered us in their direction.  Sheri also arranged visits with her vast network of naturopathic and Ayurvedic healers, energy workers, and counselors to help my mom rebuild physically and emotionally  after surgery and chemo.

Sheri went above and beyond in so many ways, and she was in the thick of it with us. She not only helped my mom, but she helped me be the best support I could be for my mom. She helped me navigate the insurance maze, she researched the latest cancer therapies and kept me privy to them, she scheduled appointments, she created meal plans based on the naturopath’s recommendations, she gave me pep talks, she cheered me up with her wit and humor, and she was there every step of the way.  Sheri is truly a gift, and I highly recommend her services if you have cancer or love someone with cancer. I am eternally grateful for everything Sheri did for us.