64 year old woman with stage 4 colon cancer

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in February 2014 after traveling to Guatemala and having gotten terribly sick with food poisoning.  I remember my ER doctor telling me that there were tumors on my liver and lung.  After further testing more tumors were found on both my lungs.  With the help and support of my daughters we consulted with Fred Hutchinson and Swedish hospital in Seattle WA. The only option we were given was chemo. I asked the consulting nurse at Fred Hutchinson how long I would be on chemo and her reply was “as long as I could tolerate it”. I felt depressed and hopeless. Finally, I found an oncologist in Seattle that gave me some hope then my daughter found Sheri.

I remember our first phone conversation which lasted over an hour.  Her voice was comforting and her knowledge was impressive.  The fact that Sheri was recovering from brain cancer and had the insight to know exactly what I needed to hear was the key for my faith that she is the right person for me.

And Sheri got busy!  She researched and found the best doctors and surgeons for me and made the appointments.  She got me into specialists at the MAYO CLINIC in MN. Sheri arranged for me stay in a condominium near her during my local chemo treatments. Sheri cooked nutritious food for me and compelled me to walk when doing so was the last thing I wanted to do. Those were the worst of times but also the best of times because of her strength and resilience. I knew she understood how I felt.  I still remember and cherish our walks. Sheri also coordinated the support I needed with nutritional information, message therapy, natural healers, herbalists, energy work, and an emotional support therapist.

Sheri truly listens. She listened to what I wanted to pursue regarding my treatments and helped me to commit to my own choices regarding treatments and healing. She understands that my choices may not be the ones she would choose for me and at times, we did disagree. But once I made my decisions I could count on Sheri to be 100% supportive and completely focused on keeping me safe, healing, and hopeful. After 3 operations and 6 months of chemo I am cancer free. She continues to support me by “checking in with me” and gives me valuable information. She saved my life!